Milan Conception is an engineering company specialized in the design and manufacturing of industrial machinery. During the past decade, the company has become a leader in the automotive weatherstrip sealing industry. Milan Conception exports some 90% of its products worldwide.

Our experience and technical knowledge ensure the quality of our products. Our professional team designs and works with you on high quality machines. Milan Conception’s products will boost your business production. You need maximum accuracy, efficiency, and minimum operating costs, and we provide the necessary tools.

Milan Conception is committed to the continuous development and innovation of all their products. With customer satisfaction feeding our global growth, our business expertise, combined with our great flexibility allows us to provide the best products and the best support in the industry.

Featured Products

Milan Conception’s products will provide a boost to your business production. We know that you need maximum accuracy and efficiency, and minimum operating costs.

Our creations are made to last and will be perfectly adapted to your needs. Have a quick view of some of our greatest products.

How to reach excellence

The only big companies that succeed will be those that obsolete their own products before somebody else does.

Bill Gates

Milan Conception offers a highly skilled engineering and design team; Ready to work in close collaboration with you to learn and apply your specific requirements and requests.

Our team works in an environment of constant evolution that encourages creativity. We focus on operational excellence and continuous improvement. Our workforce is dedicated to achieving the highest standards in order to offer complete satisfaction to our valued customers.

Behind every machine is a person making sure it’s tuned to perfection.

Milan Conception

The best designed machine is nothing if not manufactured properly. At Milan Conception we pay attention to the smallest details, resulting in a machine optimized and ready for heavy production

With our customer-satisfaction policy, in just a few short years, our company has become an essential leader in the automotive weather-strip indusry. You need enhanced accuracy, efficency, and reduce operating cost; we provide the necessary tools to achieve your goal.

Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.

Ralph Marston

We listen to our clients. Being Milan’s parner is having the certanity that we will respect project milestones and deadlines, offer innovative solutions and provide helpful follow-up. Working with Milan Conception will give your company a competitive edge.

Milan Conception is committed to providing uninterrupted availability and unrivaled flexibility to its partners in addition of guaranteeing an ingenious, durable and simple solution to any and all challenges.

Where do new ideas come from? The answer is simple: differences. Creativity comes from unlikely juxtapositions.

Nicholas Negroponte

We know that today’s customers need products adapted to their reality, and sometimes they need products that don’t exist yet. Milan Conception works hard to be at cutting edge with new technological discoveries.

Our everyday is made of innovation. The quality of our products is the reflection of our hard work. Improvement of our machines comes from our knowledge of the industry.

Customer service shouldn’t just be a deparment, it should be the entire company.

Tony Hsieh

Milan Conception believes in striving toward mutually beneficial relationships in wich the customer’s satisfaction is understood to be the company’s priority. At Milan Conception, we believe your satisfaction will be the result of excellent customer service.

Have a question? Need assistance or advise? Our dedicated team will assist you and help you to continually get the most out of our equipments. Experience the innovative approach of Milan Conception for your industrial needs.

As a Milan Conception customer, you will benefit from a dedicated project manager who’ll monitor your project from inception to run-off. Project scope, scheduling and lead times will all be established collaboratively. You can always expect a friendly service and transparent communications from your project manager.








Why Choose Us?

We're Innovative

Our products need to offer a plus value that can’t be founded in the market, otherwise there is no reason to offer it.

We're Punctual

No more useless stress. At Milan Conception we provide realistic delays for your projects with the promise to finish it on time.

We Have Knowledge

Our experience in the rubber give us an advantage that lead to equipments with great flexibility and versatility. Our products will correspond to your exact needs.

We Love Minimalism

Milan Conception design machines with the worry of details. We focus on developing machines made for production with minimal maintenance and down time.

We're Friendly

Easy to work with, we exchange ideas, exchange and build machinery according to your evolving needs.

We're Responsible

Milan Conception is commited to be eco-friendly and work on a daily basis to become a sustainable consumer.


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