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The Slit & Coil machine is designed to reduce the noise and save energy. Very easy to maintain, this machine is built for heavy produ-ction

The Coiling Machine is used to store rubber in bins at the end of the extrusion line in a way that keeps the rubber safe from any damage with one loop control that coordinates coiling speed with line speed. The Coiling machine has a powered boxing system with a variable speed motor synchronized with the extrusion end feed.

DetailsSlit & Coil machine
Speed40 meters per minutes
Run coextruded profileYes
Interchangeable guideYes
Accept variationYes
Speed synchroniserYes
Programmable coiling patternYes
Coiling can be done in any type of boxYes

You can download the technical brochure by clicking on this link : Slit and Coil Machine Brochure