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The Insert Clip Machine (ICM), with its improved system for inserting blind (canoe type) attachments, is designed to insert clips and cut weather-strip lengths with an unprecedented precision. Moved by a pair of servo-pullers, the seal is fed into the entrance system and follows a guided course. A linear servo-drive drill makes the hole in the seal, and as the seal is moved by the servo-pullers, the first hole lines up in position to have a blind attachment inserted by an improved insertion tool. At the same time that the blind attachment is inserted, a second hole is made in the seal by the servo-drill, which has moved to the appropriate location.

We are the first company worldwide to have decreased clip insertion time to below 0.5 seconds, and we have reached a new level of flexibility, even with an extruded profile that goes from one extreme tolerance to the other within a few meters, with or without coating. The Insert Clip Machine has no more secrets for our team.

DetailsHigh SpeedRegular Speed
Speed (sec/clip)0.3-0.50.8-1.0
Clip-to-Clip tolerance0.5MM PER 100MM0.5MM PER 100MM
Quantity of shape profile supportedInfinityInfinity
Accept variationYesYes
End-Cut/1st hole1ST HOLE ±1MM ON 100MM PITCH1ST HOLE ±1MM ON 100MM PITCH
Total length tolerance for 4000mm<5 mm<5 mm
Color of clipsInfinityInfinity
Clip Geometry2 max2 max

You can download the technical brochure by clicking on this link : Insert Clips Machine Brochure


Milan Conception designed in 2008 the High Speed Insert Clip Machine with the goal of improving production performances. Fast, tough, and reliable, this machine has the proven elements for success. The machine can achieve a rate of 0.3 seconds/clip.


Our technology allows our customers more latitude when it comes to extrusion variation. Our machine accepts variation in the geometry of the extrusion, even with a profile that goes from one extreme tolerance to the other within a few meters.


Milan Conception has had no service-related issues on any of its products. We are easy to work with, and Milan Conception always finds a solution to your needs.


Milan Conception gives you very tight tolerances on clip-to-clip and clip-to-end, thanks to a unique algorithm designed via a high precision camera that automatically corrects the total length of the part and therefore the scale factor of each clip pitch. This system works like the cruise control on a car.


You want to run another program with the same clips? By changing or adding a couple of guides, the profile-specific puller, and the recipes, our machine concept allows you to run an almost infinite number of cross sections in a matter of minutes.


Many options can be add on the machine depending your needs. From drain hole units, to laser mark systems passing by angle cutting unit, our Insert Clip Machines will find a way to satisfy your needs.